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PLEASE NOTE: We ship in cases of 1 bottle, 3 bottles, 6 bottles, 9 bottles, 12 bottles or 18 bottles. If you order an amount of bottles which we can’t pack using the aforementioned cases, extra shipping costs might apply.

All pick-up orders can be picked up from 13:00 on the day the ‘your order is ready for pick-up’-e-mail is sent. This is NOT the automated e-mail generated when an order is placed and received on our end. Please note, the shop is closed from Sunday until Tuesday.

If you want to be sure of a bottle of wine on a day itself, please visit the shop and do not order online. When an ordered bottle is not available in the shop, we can only have the bottle ready on the first opening day during weekdays.

Orders which need to be delivered are sent out every Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday. We try to ship on the next day after ordering, but the below guide applies on nearly all orders.
Orders placed on Tuesday after 18:00 will be shipped on Thursday
Orders placed on Wednesday after 18:00 will be shipped on Friday
Orders placed on or after Thursday 18:00 will be shipped on the next Wednesday